Track text messages without them knowing

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Track text messages without them knowing

A smartphone is the fastest device to communicate with each other anywhere. Internet usage is on the rise these days. Mobiles are connected with highly internet connection so it is possible to send messages to each other instantly.


Today’s generation busy with their mobile phone. a whole day they send text messages, make calls, sharing files, send photos. Sometimes on the internet people spread violet, an unnecessary thing that harmful for minor children and students.

With the Free spy feature, you can spy the text messages, android text messages spy on your fingertip. You can spy text messages silently on your target device. With Free spy, parents can monitor children’s call log that can help those who can send the messages when and at which time.


  • you can see the send and receive the text messages
  • Free spy provides the backup even user deleted the data
  • Read all conversations between them

  • You can remotely monitor with the Free spy dashboard where you can see all SMS logs, send & receive data. If the user deletes SMS and clears all but you can back up it all even if deleted. Free spy collects all data of the User’s device and sends Free spy’s dashboard.

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