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The Free Spy spy app allows you to see all the photos that are stored on the targeted device. And whenever the targeted user will capture a photo, it will be automatically uploaded to your control panel. With the Free Spy Image tracker feature you can View photo captured, Photo tracker android View all the saved photos on a monitored device with the Free Spy’s Photo Tracker feature.

What Can You Monitor?

  • Browse the entire photo gallery.
  • View all photos taken from the device and stored on device.
  • Get the date and times of photos were taken.
  • Get all the photos thumbnails.

How It Works?

Once installed on the target device, our application will capture the photo logs on your target device and upload to your online user interface. You can monitor the images from the account.

Why Should You Use Free Spy’s Image Tracker Feature?

As a parent

Do you want to know what your children are capturing with their smartphone? You can remotely access your child’s phone gallery.

As an Employer

Have you worried that your employees are taking pictures of your organisation’s confidential information and sharing them to your competitors? Justify whether your worries are true or not with the Free Spy’s Photo Tracker feature.

No Root

You can access Free Spy’s Image tracker feature without rooting your device.

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You can view all the photos stored on the targeted device with Free Spy app.

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