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Parental control and Monitoring

Free-spy is helpful for parents because all of the activities of their children can be seen in the free-spy dashboard. Free spy allows parents to set controls on their children’s internet use. It is a great way of helping prevent children from accessing unsuitable content online...

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What is free-spy ?

Free-spy is a parental control app. It is useful to monitor your child's online activity and control it remotely.Free-spy adds features like col logs, GPS location, browser history, social media chats, Wi-Fi networks that can be helpful to remotely access the target device...

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How can I track real-time location ?

Free-spy is one of the best for family and child GPS location. Track your kid's real-time GPS location anywhere any time. Free-spy's is even more actual and reliable as a tracking application. Free-spy creates a user-friendly interface and many options to customize the real-time location tracking requirements....

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How check your child's online dangerous activity ?

In recent times Internet usage is on the rise day by day and on the internet picture, video games, chats are too dangerous because they can divert children's minds in a different way.And today's generation is smart 18 above children have their own smartphones who are spending the whole day on a mobile phone......

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How to block websites on android mobile phones ?

If you often give your mobile or tablet to your kids, having parental controls and blocking inappropriate content and unnecessary sites is a must. If you suspect your kids are visiting restricted web pages, such as adult sites, dangerous online content, or shocking news, you need to prevent them from doing so...

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